Who Let The Dogs Out: Retrieving Eternal Generation

Evangelicals are getting busy with their hunting dogs. At least it sounds that way, since “retrieval” continues to pop up on the radar. But this practice of retireval has nothing to do with black labs and upland game like pheasants and quail. No, this retrieval is about extending evangelical theology more broadly across church history, and more deeply into theological skirmishes fought long, long ago.

Refinement of our understanding of the Trinity boiled over in 2016/2017 with a lot of heat and some light coming from discussion surrounding the economic Trinity  and the concept of subordination. Soon (in November 2017), we will witness a foray into another component of Trinitarian thought, coming from the pens of Fred Sanders and Scott Swain. They will be exploring  (and seeking to demonstrate) how to accomplish retrieval of the doctrine of eternal generation.

Fred tweeted about the upcoming offering on Twitter, pointing to the Amazon page for the new book. Based on Fred’s previous writing on the Trinity, this holds promise to be an interesting read, and will hopefully prove to be a healthy and irenic exercise in theological retrieval as well.


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