When Along Life’s Thorny Road

When along life’s thorny road
Faints the soul beneath the load,
By its cares and sins oppressed
Finds on earth no peace or rest,-
When the wily Tempter’s near
Filling us with doubts and fear,
Jesus, to Thy feet we flee,
Jesus, we will look to Thee.Thou our Saviour, from the throne
List’nest to Thy people’s moan;
Thou the living Head, dost share
Ev’ry pang Thy members bear.
Full of tenderness Thou art;
Thou wilt heal the broken heart:
Full of power; Thine arm shall quell
All the rage and might of hell.By Thy tears o’er Lazarus shed,
By Thy power to raise the dead,
By Thy meekness under scorn,
By Thy stripes and crown of thorn,
By that rich and precious blood
That hath made our peace with God,
Jesus, to Thy feet we flee,
Jesus, we will cling to Thee.

Mighty to redeem and save,
Thou hast overcome the grave;
Thou the bars of death hast riven,
Opened wide the gates of heaven.
Soon in glory Thou shalt come,
Taking Thy poor pilgrims home:
Jesus, then we all shall be,
Ever–ever– Lord with Thee.


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