The Terrors of Hell

Charles Hodge writes concerning sin in The Way of Life. He spotlights its pervasive and deadly impact on the human race and the outcome of God’s judgment on sinners. Many times I have heard hardened sinners deny a fear of hell because it will be a great party with all of their friends. Hodge caught my attention with the following. I was struck with the sheer terrors of hell, considering the progressive degradation that will occur everlastingly. Hodge writes:

“Whatever explanation may be given of the terms employed in these and many similar passages, there can be no doubt that they are intended to convey the idea of endless and hopeless misery. Whence this misery shall arise, or wherein it shall consist are questions of minor importance. It is sufficient that the Scriptures teach that the sufferings here spoken of, are in degree inconceivably great and in duration endless. The most feaful exhibition given of the future state of the impenitent, is that which presents them as reprobates, as abandoned to the unrestrained dominion of evil. The repressing influence of conscience, of a probationary state, of a regard to character, of good example, and above all of the Holy Spirit, will be withdrawn, and unmingled malignity, impurity and violence constitute the character and condition of those who finally perish. The wicked are represented as constantly blaspheming God, while they gnaw their tongues with pain.”

What a fearsome state. What a deliverance our Savior has won for us!

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