The Short List: Three Ideas On How You Can Encourage Your Pastor

1. Pray today for your pastor.

The number one priority for you to encourage your pastor is to pray for him. Period. This isn’t the gratuitous #5 to assuage everyone’s guilty conscience for not praying anymore. It isn’t the polite unspoken duty that isn’t necessary to mention because everyone knows they need to do this. Pray for your pastor. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day. Stop talking about Christian duties and actually pray. Stop saying “I really need to make time for that”. Pray. If it means that you stop reading this right now and spend the next few minutes praying for your pastor and never reading the other two ideas, that is “mission accomplished” for me. This is #1 for a reason. It’s that important.

2. Talk to your pastor like he’s a human being.

He’s not a theology robot, even if he happens to be a theology geek. The guy is a human being. Do you talk to other people throughout your day? Good. Then I can assume you understand how to talk to people. Talk to your pastor. You don’t need to impress him with a new theological discovery or inform him of an anticipated spiritual event. Talk to him like you would talk to your brother about everyday things.

3. If you don’t have a “your pastor”, get one.

Brothers and sisters, if you’re not in regular attendance at a local church, change that this week. Find a church you can join together with and worship God as part of the assembled congregation. If you are a regular attender but not a member of your church, talk to your pastor about joining the church. It’s really that simple, and “your pastor” will be greatly encouraged by your attendance and membership.

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