The Heart of the Reformation: Justification – D.A. Carson

Speaking at the Reformation 500 EFCA Theology Conference in February, 2017; Dr. Carson addressed the topic The Heart of the Reformation: Justification. I was able to attend the conference at TEDS, along with my pastor, Kevin Miller. Hearing Dr. Carson speak on justification was a very special time for me. I’ve read several of his works, used his commentaries, been impacted by organizations he has founded, and used his material in guiding my Adult Bible Fellowship class at First Evangelical Free Church.

In this lecture, Dr. Carson calls out two specific challenges arising in campus evangelism.

  1. The exclusiveness of Christ
  2. Sin

Carson makes a strong case for the incorporation of extended context in making sense of the Bible’s message of justification. While we all have our favorite passages, we must be cautious to leave the connective tissue in place rather than rip a passage out of its immediate, historical, and canonical contexts.

There were many other great insights and encouragements offered. I will mention one more before leaving you to the good doctor. “The Old Testament is restrained in speaking of both glory and horror. The New Testament ratchets up both vocabulary and imagery.” The recording is 71 minutes long, but is worth every minute invested.

D.A. Carson – The Heart of the Reformation: Justification

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