On Worship

“Now, I say we must put heart in our worship. Do not venture to come to this beautiful place of worship, or whatever place of worship you attend, and just sit languidly down to see if the choir can stir you or to see if the preacher can stir you. Oh! stir up your own souls. It is your solemn duty when you go to engage with others in the worship of God– it is your duty to your
self, it is your duty to others, it is your duty to the pastor who wishes to lead your worship, it is your duty to God, who wants the hearts of men, and who will have nothing but their hearts. I know how we feel. Worn by a week’s toil, languid on the Lord’s day through lack of our customary excitement, we go and take our places, jaded and dull, and we are tempted to think, ‘Now I will see whether the services can make any impression on me; whether the preacher can get hold of me– I hope they may,’ and we sit passive to wait and see. Oh, let us not dare thus to deal with the solemnity of the worship of God.”
— John A. Broadus, excerpt from

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