More Thoughts on Hell

Are we as bad as we could be? I don’t believe so, due to several restraining influences on our evil. Which ones can you think of? Some that come to mind are:


  • The Holy Spirit’s restraint
  • The rule of government by law
  • Societal influence
  • Hope for future resolution
  • The testimony of the church
  • People who were good examples in your life

How many of these influences will remain in hell? None. Thoughts and urges towards evil will know no restraint. It is a fearful thing to consider the hopeless eternity facing millions of people apart from Christ. Oh, the hardening of rebellious hearts as the centuries roll through eternity. The fury and hatred of God that will grow in the hearts of the damned, unmitigated by any hope and untempered by time.
Flee to the Savior! Cling to the cross of Christ.

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