Common Mistakes Every Student of the Bible Must Avoid

William D. Barrick, professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary, delivers a sound exhortation to all Bible students, originally presented at the 2006 Shepherd’s Conference. For those of you familiar with D. A. Carson’s Exegetical Fallacies, Barrick’s paper is offered as a sort of supplement to Carson. Barrick distills lessons learned from several decades of preaching and teaching experience.
Young brothers and sisters, Barrick’s insights will prove helpful as you grow toward maturity in the faith. Many times we evangelicals are tempted to be shallow and slapdash when dealing with the holy text. This is a deadly, dangerous temptation. We cannot build a theological house of cards on a foundation of sand and expect faith to weather the hurricanes of physical, mental, and moral disaster which abound on every hand.

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