Christ Our Righteousness: Session 1 – Fesko

Death in Adam, Life in Christ. Click here to listen to Dr. Fesko talk about his book on imputation

Welcome, friends. In this series, we will be exploring and understanding how we are counted righteous in the eyes of God. We will see the biblical case for our righteousness before God. The Bible proclaims and teaches that our righteousness is the righteousness of Jesus Christ alone, which is counted to us through faith alone. God’s word, the Bible, eliminates any notion that our own personal righteousness is a piece or part or portion of our righteous standing before God. This series will strengthen your understanding of the gospel, and of the theological doctrine of imputation, which is found throughout the Bible.

The speaker is Dr. J. V. Fesko, who teaches theology at Westminster Seminary California. The conference series was held at Omaha Bible Church, hosted by Pastor Pat Abendroth, and will cover four sessions.

In this first session, we will hear the Old Testament foundation for the Bible’s proclamation that the imputation of Christ’s righteousness comprehends his obedience in all its aspects, meaning the full compass of his passive and active obedience. We will spend time in Leviticus and Isaiah primarily, in this session.  Please click here to listen to session 1.


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