Biblical Theology: What is it? – Hamilton

This week we will be posting a short series of presentations from the Alumni Academy at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Biblical theology has gained a lot of traction with evangelicals in the last 20 years at the academic level, finally resulting in the fruit of several lay-level introductions as well as theologies and reference works written using frameworks of biblical theology. While there are a variety of treatments of biblical theology across evangelical scholarship, we are helped in understanding the overall unity of the Scriptures by working through various presentations.

It is my great hope that these posts will be both interesting and helpful to you. I hope you are not discouraged by their seminary pedigree. They are not out of reach of disciplined, interested learners.

Alumni Academy: What Is Biblical Theology? – The Bible’s Big Story: Creation to Consummation with Dr. Jim Hamilton from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

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