Announcing Several New Resources

Today I’m adding several ministries to the webring’s recommended links. These are ministries whose writing and preaching have proven helpful to me, and I want to share them with you. In addition to adding them to the recommended links sidebar, I’ll also be posting links to material they produce. May you be as blessed by their labors as I have been.

Reformanda Ministries

This website is a collective of six professors and pastors. They are very active in their respective venues. I am very eager to see the instruction they will offer through Reformanda. The Teaching Fellows are:

  • Owen Strachan
  • Gavin Peacock
  • Nate Pickowicz
  • Dustin Benge
  • Costi Hinn
  • Grant Castleberry

Omaha Bible Church

I have found the preaching ministry of Pastor Patrick Abendroth to be very helpful. Having visited the church a few times, I can honestly say they are an excellent example of an engaged, friendly church. The annual conferences they host are top notch as well, with a variety of topics explored which speak directly to where disciples of Jesus need encouragement, instruction, and exhortation.

Summit Evangelical Free Church

This wonderful church has a vibrant ministry across all age groups. Senior Pastor Doug Corlew is the primary preacher, but their entire preaching staff is laser-focused on the text of Scripture and pastoral in their engagement of the sermon passage.


Derrick Stokes and Clark Campbell have created a unique ministry website which intentionally combines theology and apologetics. I am eager to mine their website for some true gems for the winning of souls and growth of the saints.

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